Ski - Gatineau Park

The Gatineau Park offers the best cross-country skiing in North America for skate or classic skiing.

When you throw on your classic skis, there is nothing like the kick and glide on soft, fresh snow on a lightly groomed secondary trail or a skier-set backcountry trail.


Storm Trail Damage - Feb 21/2013 update

This season started with a bang just before Christmas with a whopper of a snow storm that hit the trails hard in the park. READ MORE ...


NCC Gatineau Park Winter Dialogue - Update Feb 2012

Feb 21st was the last Winter Dialogue meeting of the year and it is hard to tell if progress is being made. READ MORE ...


Back Country Ski Trail issues in the Gatineau Park in 2009

After meetings with the NCC in the spring of 2009 and discussions in the fall of 2009, it has become apparent that the NCC does not know what to do with input from a website .. so we packaged up this website and the policy proposals, email exchanges into a document entitled 'Back Country Ski Trail issues in the Gatineau Park in 2009' and mailed it into the NCC - specifically Marie Lemay, Chief Executive Officer.

You can get this document here.

Gatineau park Sign Proposal - Feb 2012

What does a No Walking sign mean to you? READ MORE ...


Snowshoe watch - Dec to mid-Jan 2012

The snowshoe activity in the park (and on the fringes!) is higher this year compared to last. Let me describe the incidents that Marion and I have observed and then end with a few general observations, thoughts and ideas. READ MORE ...


Snowshoe watch - Feb 1-7 / 2011

Lots of snowshoe activity on the secondary and tertiary ski trails this week.

Thursday someone snowshoed up parts of the #21 and #18 towards Ridge Rd - right over the tracks on #18 then off into the woods to come out at the #9 and into Western Cabin. The last stretch on the #9 does not really make sense as there is alot of open woods on either side that they could have taken to avoid the ski trail.(I think they came in from P12 up the #2 to the #21).

What can YOU do?

Send an email to the NCC explaining why snowshoeing and walking on ski trails destroys the ski-trail and causes a safety hazard .. and why we need the NCC to become more active in accommodating snowshoers in a manner that does NOT conflict with the very large and active ski community. If you get a reply, send it to me so we can see what the NCC is thinking! My email address is here !

Read the Policy Proposal to NCC and give feedback here !

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